Graduation is an important landmark for each student that recognises the realisation of academic and professional goals achieved through years of commitment, dedication and hard work. It is an opportunity to gather with family, friends and colleagues to celebrate and acknowledge the effort of all involved.  HSA has two presentation ceremonies each year, one in Victoria and one in Queensland.

All graduands have the option of attending the graduating ceremony or graduating in absentia (this means you decide not to attend the presentation ceremony).

Invitations to the Ceremony 

The invitation contains all of the relevant information for the ceremony, including costs, number of guests, booking forms and details of academic dress requirements. Graduands who attend the graduation ceremony are required to wear full academic dress. Academic dress hire is arranged through the same sorts of processes as for a university and at approximately the same cost. 

Guide for graduation ceremonies


Graduation Opportunity

Students who complete course requirements including clinical practicum make-up until the end of June each year will be invited to attend graduation.




Students who complete course requirements including clinical practicum make-up hours  up until the end of October each year will be invited to attend graduation.


How do I know if I am eligible to graduate?

If you answer "YES" to the checklist below you may be eligible to graduate.  Students who have met the following requirements will be sent an invitation to attend the graduation ceremony.


I have completed all of the relevant units in my course sequence as detailed above.


I have completed or will have completed my placement including any make-up hours and have submitted  all assessments  into the online clinical placement units by the due date.

3. I have no outstanding fees  and have provided my unique student identifier(USI).
4. All library books have been returned and any outstanding library fines paid.
5. My full legal name including middle name/s appear on my student file is correct in the student portal and if there are errors this has been corrected with Student Administration.

What name will appear on my award?

Your full legal name will appear on your award. Your award is an official document, therefore, it is very important that your student file contains your full legal name including middles names & your correct current address.

If you need to update your full legal name please contact administration at your relevant campus.

To update your address details you may do this through the student portal or contact administration at your relevant campus.

2018 Graduation Dates

Melbourne Graduation Ceremony
Friday, 19 October 2018 (Ceremony will begin at 3.00pm)